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How to Send large files Safely with Self–destructs

Written by devendermahto

Mozilla recently pulled the plug on its Test Pilot program that allowed beta testers to try out experimental features for the Firefox web browser. But some projects that got their start in Test Pilot are graduating to become standalone services.

Case in point: After spending a year and a half as a Test Pilot experiment, Mozilla’s file transfer service now has a new home.

Firefox Send is a service that lets you send large files to other users from any web browser. An Android app is also in the works.

With Firefox Send, you can:
Share large files online with an encrypted link that “self–destructs”
Set the number of times your file can be downloaded
Choose when you’d like your link to expire
And with a Firefox Account, you can send up to 2.5GB

Try Firefox Send
Want to send a file? Just open in a web browser, click the “select files to upload” button or drag and drop your files into the browser window.
Click upload and your file will be sent to Mozilla’s server and you’ll get a URL that you can send to the recipient, allowing them to download your file.
Files are encrypted and there’s an option to password-protect them. You can upload a single file or a set of files.
Anyone can upload files up to 1GB in size. If you login with a Firefox Account you can upload files up to 2.5GB in size.
If you’re not logged in, any files you share will expire after they’re downloaded once and/or after a day (you can also set them to auto-expire after 5 minutes or an hour).
If you are logged in you can have files stick around for up to a week and set download limits ranging from 2 to 100.

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