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Finding Last Seen of GB WhatsApp Users

Written by devendermahto

Hello Readers, we all know that Whatsapp is ruling as a widely used instant Chat Messenger. There are some people who uses the modified version of WhatsApp, One of them is GB Whatsapp This is quite popular Application used Android devices. GB Whatsapp has a lot of feature that a power user would like to have while using the Whatsapp.
So one of its feature is to Hide The Last Seen from others Users while the GB Whatsapp user can still see Your Last Seen. cool isn’t, so we are sharing this useful information for normal whatsapp users so that theu can reveal Last seen status of those PRO GB whatsApp Users.
Follow Steps to see the last seen:

Click + icon 
Then click document icon
Then logs of last seen will come(logs of last seen, online,…)

This works only if you had a chat with him/her recently (2days max i guess)

Click on + Icon

Now Click On Document Icon
Find the last seen logs here

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