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Daily contest prize Rs 10,000 cash !

Conducted twice a day. So, total Rs 20,000 Paytm cash to be won every day !

All you have to do is answering ten questions correctly !

You also have a Mini Quiz, Fastest 3, Refer and earn to earn even more paytm cash from Qureka app.

Live Game Show

You can also play grand monthly mega quiz for Rs 10,00,000 cash on March 31, 2018!

How To Take Part In Qureka Contest ?

* Visit google playstore from your mobile phone and install the app. Click here for a direct link to the app

Click To Download Quereka From Google Play

* Sign up for an account

* Verify your number when you get OTP

You can play the  trivia game show from Qureka twice every day at 2:30 pm in the after noon and again at 8:30 pm in the night.

* Open the app at that time

* Answer all the ten questions

Wrong answer will eliminate you from the game. You need to answer the ten questions within 10 seconds to win. Delay or wrong answer will be your exit from the game.

If you have lives you can use one life per game till 9 th question to stay in the game. You can earn lives when you refer your friends to this app.


The daily prize amount that is ten thousand rupees is split equally among the total number of winners. That means every one who gives all ten correct answers will surely earn paytm cash !

If you are one of the fastest three to give all right answers to the ten questions you will win additional Rs 1,000.

Refer And Earn

When some one installs this app, signs up using your referral code and plays a game you will get Rs 10 Paytm cash and two lives.

Refer And Earn

When your referral wins a game, you will be given 50% of the amount he/she wins ! This applies even to the monthly Mega Quiz whose prize money is Rs 10,00,000 as already mentioned above.

Daily Mini Quiz

Consists of three questions.

Conducted two times every day at 12:30 pm and again at 6:00 pm.

If you give all three right answers in time you will earn a life that can be used in the main quiz that you can play at 2:30 pm and at 8:30 pm.

Questions will be from topics like Cricket, Sports, Music, Movies, Celebs, TV, General Knowledge, Science, Technology, Mythology, Culture, Literature, Geography, Trending, History, Business, Food, Art, Politics, Nature, World, Social.

Contact the customer care at if you have any questions or issues in this regard.

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