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Share Any file (zip,doc,pdf,apk etc) on whatsapp messanger

Written by devendermahto


What’s messenger is used by almost all the phone users ,But the major limitation may users face is that they can’t share any file other than image or video,Using this small trick users can share any file with their friends,It is not mandatory to install the dropbox app on your phone ,however you can just keep that app to manage your files,

Follow the steps below to setup.

a)Firstly make sure you own a Dropbox account ,if not just signup,
b)After signing up Just download the Cloud send app on your phone,
c)Open the app and link up your Dropbox account,using opera mini or any other browser,
d)Done now to share any file,Just click on the file and click share ,tap on the cloud send option,
e)The file will get uploaded and appear in notification,share it directly via what’s app or any other app.

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