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There is a windows 7 usb/dvd download tool for bootable windows 7 usb disk creator but what for windows xp ? There are several ways in which you can install windows xp from your usb flash drive or pen drive or external portable HDD. But of course, you want to know the easiest way. I have seen complex steps mentioned on other websites guiding on how to create bootable windows xp usb drive for installing windows xp from pen drive instead of cd disk but those steps are confusing and tedious for simple and new users who prefer ready made tools to get their job done. SO, I came to know about a software which creates bootable usb drive containing windows xp setup..

Requiremets :

Your windows xp cd or windows xp complete setup files.

Download WinTOflash program from here. 
Download Wintoflash now

This program is ad-supported and hence if you want to avoid irritating ads while this program creates your bootable usb, just disconnect from internet during that process.

After downloading wintoflash program, install it and then run it. It will ask for windows xp setup file location is the source box and in the target box, locate the pen drive letter path. Click on Next and go grab a cup of coffee. It will format your pendrive and then make it bootable copying all the files needed for windows xp setup. When it finishes. Just restart the computer and boot from the usb pen drive.
Note: To boot from USB drive, your bios must support usb boot. You should check that in your bios settings and the priority for usb boot should be prior to hdd boot.

If you face any problem in any step, just comment here and we’ll try to resolve your problem.

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